Just because it’s about business, doesn’t mean it can’t be breathtaking. From small office lunches to extravagant large-scale corporate events, Venue Forty Two is a partner your company can rely on to consistently deliver high-quality food and detail-oriented service. But we know it’s about more than that – you want to impress clients, recognize employees and thank business partners. Making a lasting impression is what we do best!

With unlimited potential, Venue Forty Two is one of the premier event destinations in Milwaukee and has the capacity to host:

•  Conferences
•  Corporate Meetings
•  Galas
•  Business Dinners
•  Holiday Parties
•  and more

When your company puts on an event, you have one goal: represent your organization in the best way possible. By working closely with our Venue Forty Two staff, we’ll help you do just that. Our team can design, conceptualize, produce and manage any large-scale corporate event you bring to us. The day of the event, our staff will be on hand to make sure everything is smooth and seamless, so you can stay focused on achieving the results you want. Let our experienced team assist you in overseeing every aspect of your event.